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"Christel is an excellent writer and editor with a facility for translating technical information into engaging content."

Sandra Pettit Weber, Ed.D.

Heartland Foundation

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"She has an exceptional balance of intuition and analytical focus, process and outcome; and an effective blend of strategic and critical thinking skills." 

Michael Nanko

Behavioral Health Services

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"Christel has exceeded my expectations with her creativity, and her ongoing support is invaluable."

Judy L. Foley

Balance Concierge President & CEO

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"I was always extremely impressed with her vision and ability to execute bold new strategy for this nonprofit. She has a real gift for mobilizing people and resources to accomplish challenging objectives."

Sarah Riehm

Angel Flight, Thrive!, and Marcus Cafe

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"She showed exceptional organizational talent and courage in tackling a controversial subject. I give her high marks for emotional maturity and leadership skill."

Bruce Landsberg

AOPA [Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

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"Her knowledge of public relations and advertising were exceptional and her ability to use them to promote our charity proved rewarding for all the Angel Flight regions."

Ken Rusnak

Grace Flight of America

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"She's the consummate professional and did a very competent job of guiding a fledgling organization into a large successful nonprofit charitable aviation organization. I learned a lot from her."

Dusty Sarazan

Eli Lilly