Our Story

We believe emotion leads to action.

Do you want to make people smile? Is your goal to pull the heartstrings hard enough to make people react with empathy and compassion? Or, do you need a swell of passion and confidence in a large group of people to move your mission forward? What emotion will help your business expand? 

Our stories are what connect us and bring a greater understanding of our deep-seeded commonalities vs. our external surface-level differences. Every person, business, and organization has compelling stories to share. Discovering and positioning your stories can influence the emotions that drive the decisions you want people to make. Understanding the stories of your personal and professional journey also helps to define solid action-oriented strategies for your future.

One story we like to share at JUPER is how we named our company. JUPER started as our daughter’s nickname when she was learning to walk. She would take a few confident steps and then start jumping for a minute or so before going back to calmer walking. When complimenting her for being a super jumper, we accidentally left out the “m” and said “super juper.” The name stuck.

JUPER has also become an acronym for several of the positive values we strive to live by as a family, as individuals, and as a company: Joy, Unity, Peace, Enthusiasm, and Respect. Each of these core words conjure memories and meanings that extend like tree rings far beyond their original definitions as we’ve grown through times of trial and blessing.


Entrepreneurial and philanthropic people and organizations empowered to grow to their maximum potential.


JUPER Communications maximizes the potential of positive difference-making people and organizations by developing and implementing growth strategies through integrated communications.

We partner to implement an innovative, comprehensive, action-oriented, and story-focused approach designed to increase return on investment, insight, and impact.

Joy Peace Graphic

JOY in learning about you and sharing helpful expertise

UNITY in big picture vision and collaborative work

PEACE and positivity in our inclusive and innovative approach

ENTHUSIASM for and expectation of success

RESPECT and empathy for your unique situation

We look forward to sharing more of our JUPER story and spirit with you. 

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